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Google's new microblogging tool has lots of security holes…on purpose

by · May 26, 2010


Google Labs, in cooperation with Google Code University, has released a new microblogging tool called Jarlsberg, and like its namesake cheese, it’s full of holes. Security holes. Google hopes you use Jarlsberg to learn best practices on how to make your own software more secure.


Diem version 5.0.0 released, now stable

by · March 13, 2010


Since development of version 5.0 started Diem has been an open source initiative. The first stable version is now released.


The Open Source Way

by · March 11, 2010


Red Hat has created the basis of a book on open source communities, and it will be completed with the very approach proposed in it.


Contributing to Zend Framework

by · March 5, 2010


Contributing to your favorite open source PHP framework is a gift to the project’s community. Moreover, you will surely benefit from not having to patch it by yourself at every new release.


2010 Future of Open Source survey now open

by · March 2, 2010


The 2010 edition of the Future of Open Source survey is now available. This survey is backed by the Future of Open Source Forum, and has collaborators including such well-known Open Source leaders as North Bridge, RedHat, MySQL, Novell, SugarCRM, and others.


New PHPWomen initiative

by · February 27, 2010


Over at PHPWomen they are trying to improve diversity in open source projects. They have launched a new initiative to encourage (Open Source) projects that embrace diversity, and provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for contributors.