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The Workshop: Introduction to PDF Generation

by · September 12, 2019


Despite the promise of a “paperless” office, we still need to create documents that print and render nearly-identically across devices and operating systems. PDFs have filled this niche nicely for end-users, but if you need to generate PDFs with PHP programmatically, the options are overwhelming. How do you choose? In this series, we’ll investigate the solutions at our disposal and the pros and cons of each.


Renovating Applications with Symfony

by · August 2, 2019


The Symfony project has had a profound influence on the PHP ecosystem since its first release in 2005. Projects including Drupal, Laravel, and countless custom web applications, use Symfony components. This month, we look at the new features of Symfony 4 and how to modernize legacy code.


PHPDOCX: generating Word documents from PHP

by · July 21, 2010


PHPDOCX is a PHP library that allows its client code to generate Microsoft Word documents in the .docx format from PHP scripts, or to output PDF and HTML from a given Word document.


php|a now accessible from your iPad!

by · April 6, 2010


If you happen to have picked up a brand new iPad over the Easter weekend, you may be wondering just how well your copies of php|architect will display on it. The answer is… just great! The iPad has a wonderful built-in PDF reader and the beautiful designs of that our layout team puts together every […]