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Community Corner: A Bref of Fresh Air

by · April 9, 2021


This month, we sit down and have a conversation with Matthieu Napoli. About four years ago, Matthieu saw a gap in the emerging serverless architectures and PHP. When Amazon added custom runtime support in late 2018, he decided to address it, creating the bref project. Bref lowers the bar on complexity to allow you to […]


Lambda PHP

by · March 8, 2021


Whether you’re on a greenfield project or an archaeological expedition into legacy code, this month, we have articles on serverless PHP stacks with AWS, functional PHP in practice, refactoring code, writing APIs, docker containers, and more.


The New LAMP Stack is Serverless

by ·


Modern applications demand performance, scale, security, and high availability. Is PHP able to meet these challenges? PHP is 25 years old–ancient, compared with the likes of Node.js, Go, TypeScript and Rust-–-but it still powers almost 80% of the web today. It succeeds because it continues to evolve and improve with each iteration by absorbing best […]


Running Parallel

by · October 5, 2020


While we think of our scripts running for one request at a time, PHP web applications handle multiple, simultaneous requests at a time. In this issue, we look at asynchronous programming using Swoole, handling serverless file uploads, implementing security headers, dealing with race conditions, and more.


Serverless File Uploading

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The Internet as we know it is diverse, interactive, and personalized. Users of many resources strive to make their page or their channel unique. How can I do that? By uploading custom content. It can be virtually any file—an avatar, cover images, video, documents, you name it! Our task as professional developers is to ensure […]


Expedition PHP

by · December 4, 2019


Any career today requires continual learning and curiosity for success. Building web applications with PHP is not exempt. The PHP of today is light-years better than the scripts that initially made up “Personal Home Page/Form Interpreter.” In this issue, we examine moving between frameworks, understanding your mental health, contributing to open source, and more.


Going Serverless With Laravel Vapor

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Recently, Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, launched a new service for deploying your Laravel applications in AWS: Laravel Vapor. It doesn’t require maintaining servers or setting up your own AWS services, networks, or security group configurations. This article dives into what Vapor is, why you should consider going serverless, and how to deploy an […]


Serverless PHP, Array Functions, and Data Structures with Chris Tankersley

by · June 17, 2019


Eric, John, and Oscar are back post-php[tek] to discuss the June 2019 issue.


Serverless PHP With Bref, Part Two

by · June 5, 2019


In part one of this series, I introduced serverless applications and looked at how Bref makes it easy to develop and deploy serverless PHP functions to AWS Lambda with a simple hello world function. Serverless functions don’t live in a vacuum and tend to integrate with other services, let’s turn our attention to what a […]


Serverless PHP With Bref, Part One

by · May 9, 2019


In recent years, a different way to build applications has arisen called serverless computing. This term is not a good name; I’m reminded of the adage that there are two hard problems in programming: naming things, cache invalidation, and off-by-one errors. Serverless computing as a name implies no servers, but there are servers—you don’t think about them though. A better way to think about it is that the servers and the management of them are abstracted away and the provider manages the allocation of resources, not the application architect.