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Envato: Future of WordPress

by · July 9, 2014


Natasha Postolovski over at the Envato blog has a thorough look at the future of WordPress.


2011 php|tek Webcast Series

by · January 26, 2011


Once again, we bring you the php|tek Webcast Series. For the past few conferences, we’ve put together a sampling of interesting sessions, hot projects, and sharp people from around the community to talk on topics that have piqued their interest.


WordPress 404 Plugin built on Bing Wrapper

by · June 4, 2010


One of the things I’ve always hated about WordPress is the stock 404 error message. Out of the box, WordPress just tells users “I’m sorry, I can’t find what you are looking for.” Granted it is better than the stock Apache 404 page but it isn’t much more helpful. This post talks about a new WordPress plugin that utilizes the Bing Search Wrapper to display a more helpful 404 page.


Webcast: Making PHP faster on IIS

by · May 14, 2010


In this session Mark Brown and Ruslan Yakushev will talk about the work being done at Microsoft to increase the performance of PHP applications on Windows and IIS.


The 2010 CMS Expo Roundup

by · May 10, 2010


CMS Expo, held annually, is a conference that brings together representatives from prominent Open Source CMS systems along with domain experts and even some proprietary tool vendors.


Webcast: Caching for WordPress

by · May 4, 2010


Come listen as Brandon Savage talks about Caching for WordPress.


Podcast #2010-04: Technosailor Moon

by · March 23, 2010


It’s another fun-filled episode of our beloved podcast, and this week’s guest is noted WordPress expert Aaron Brazell, who talks communities, book writing and conferences with your humble hosts.


Mullenweg:'s data “secure,” downtime was nework-related

by · February 19, 2010


Nothing to see here—quite literally—except a broken network router and 5.5 million page impressions gone the way of the dodo.


WordPress 2.9.2. fixes data leak vulnerability

by · February 15, 2010


The third release in the WordPress 2.9 series addresses a vulnerability that could cause deleted posts to become visible to users other than the original author.


New Classes! New Prices!

by · February 11, 2010


php|architect is proud to continue it’s long tradition of high-quality web develoepr training with two new classes, WordPress Essentials and HTML/CSS for Developers.