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PHP Live! REST Summit charter tickets on sale


by · June 12, 2012


Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a full afternoon of learning (plus offline recordings for later viewing!) for just $20. Get your today! Now that php|tek is over and we’re heading into the summer, it’s our pleasure to announce the first of many new initiatives for the next few months: The php|a Live! Rest Online Summit, […]


CodeWorks Slides


by · March 28, 2012


This past December and January, the php|architect crew took to the air for our annual traveling roadshow called CodeWorks. This year, for the third year in a row, we hit the road and made stops all over the country – but mainly on the coasts – presenting things we’ve learned over the past year.Each stop introduced us to new friends and at each stop we learned from a local developer sharing what they knew.


php|tek’s Call for Papers is Closing Soon


by · December 30, 2011


The 31st is sneaking up on us, and just like the year, the call for papers for php|tek’s 2012 edition is rapidly coming to a close. If you haven’t submitted your proposals yet, now is a great time to do so (you know, before the new-year celebrations kick in, and you get distracted by more… […]


php|tek Call for Papers is Now Open!


by · December 7, 2011


It’s that time of year again, time for the php|tek Call for Papers. Time to put on those thinking caps, pop the top of a bottle of your favorite beverage, and start submitting those ideas.


Check it out, tek 11 schedule is up!


by · February 14, 2011


tek11 abstracts and speaker bios are now on-line.


CodeWorks is coming to a city near you!


by · September 20, 2010


After months of preparation, we’re excited to announce this year’s edition of our popular CodeWorks conference tour! CodeWorks 2010 (CWX for short) is a series of one-day technical conferences presented by the php|architect team and sponsored by Adobe. It’s slated to stop in five cities, starting November 9th:   Seattle, WA (Nov. 9) Portland, OR […]


Open source life style


by · June 23, 2010


Participation in the open source community and projects can really give a boost to your career.


PHP tours Europe in fall


by · June 8, 2010


A good way to measure the health of any given thing is to measure its activity (except bridges… I tend to get nervous when bridges start moving on their own). In this sense, PHP is very much alive and the community is showing it off with two fantastic events this fall that will light up Europe in a frenzy knowledge exchange and PHP-related festivities!


phpDay 2010 international talks


by · May 20, 2010


Fabien Potencier and other international speakers made their talks at phpDay 2010, which are now available online.


The 2010 CMS Expo Roundup


by · May 10, 2010


CMS Expo, held annually, is a conference that brings together representatives from prominent Open Source CMS systems along with domain experts and even some proprietary tool vendors.