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PHP Live! REST Summit charter tickets on sale

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a full afternoon of learning (plus offline recordings for later viewing!) for just $20. Get your today!

Now that php|tek is over and we’re heading into the summer, it’s our pleasure to announce the first of many new initiatives for the next few months: The php|a Live! Rest Online Summit, a half-day online conference dedicated entirely to REST, and to celebrate we’re offering Charter Tickets for up to $40 off the regular price until we publish the official schedule on June 19th.

REST is a key concept that forms the basis of many APIs, but it still a poorly-understood approach to software development, partly because it is tightly coupled with a deep understanding of how HTTP works—and many of us have spent most of our developer lives never having to think beyond whether we need to use GET or POST.

Our REST Summit will help you understand and explore all the important topics connected with REST, starting with a great, in-depth overview of how HTTP works and why taking full advantage of it brings significant advantages to your applications, all the way down to the most practical details of getting a REST API up and running, regardless of whether you’re building one from scratch, or adding one to an existing system.

We hope you’ll be able to join us! We’re really excited about this Summit, and we’re hard at work to make it a truly special event with presentations from some of the best speakers in our community.%%before-powerpress%%%%after-powerpress%%


Air date June 12, 2012

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