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PHP Reflections

May 2024

As I reflect on my career, I have noticed things about myself and the industry. I have watched PHP mature since 2003, and at times, I find myself grumbling, “GET OFF MY LAWN.”

Embracing the Fibers of PHP

By Matt Lantz

PHP often gets ignored in a world of compiled binaries and serverless infrastructure running containerized applications. Those of us developing with the latest practices for the last ten-plus years know that PHP has significantly sped up and embraced many cutting-edge features. Perhaps that is why it is still the most popular web programming language. One of the major advances in more recent PHP was the introduction of Fibers. This highly anticipated feature introduced a new format for managing concurrency tasks that had not been seen before. by Matt Lantz

Typed Objects with Valinor

By Oscar Merida

Robust PHP applications handle API responses efficiently and effectively, but it isn’t easy to do so as your application sprawls and integrates with various external APIs. API response classes with a helpful dose of value objects can significantly improve code maintainability and reliability for you and your team. In this article, let’s look at practical examples with our Spacetraders client. by Oscar Merida

Fast Admin with EasyAdmin

By Chris Tankersly

One of the main reasons developers use frameworks is to cut down on the amount of work they have to do for common problems. While most PHP frameworks are flexible enough that integrating your own custom code is not very hard, we can usually take advantage of existing packages to solve problems we encounter. by Chris Tankersly

Securing PHP Applications: Understanding The Threats

By Christopher Miller

Over the next six months, we’re going to deep dive into Securing PHP Applications—we have already learned a lot about readability, now let’s pivot to some patterns to help us more in the flow of our application. by Christopher Miller

Rolling Credentials and Keys

By Eric Mann

I’m rarely the only contractor working for a client at any given time. Most of my colleagues are top-notch professionals with whom I love to collaborate. Occasionally, though, I end up paired with someone who has no business *using* a computer, let alone charging a company money to use one on their behalf. by Eric Mann

Pivot and Protect

By Edward Barnard

What should you do when your side project receives corporate interest? Might a no-compete contract prevent you from ever doing a similar project again? Could “overreach” impact your other side projects? Here’s my thought process as I worked through these issues. by Edward Barnard

Cloudy with a chance of elephants

By Steve McDougall

Cloudflare is a service most of us love. It is pretty much the kind of networking required by projects/applications these days, and I cannot think of anyone who may even come close. They have not only built trust but also have the infrastructure and knowledge in place to not be challenged. They are useful for a lot of things, and when building an application for a production environment, you can almost guarantee you will need more than one of their services. by Steve McDougall

An Introduction to Reflection

By Wendell Adriel

Reflection, also known as Reflective Programming, is the ability of the code to examine and manipulate its own behavior. With Reflection, our code can understand its own properties, methods, classes, functions, etc. Reflection is also linked with the metaprogramming technique since, when using Reflection, our code can read, analyze, and modify itself during runtime. by Wendell Adriel


By Maxwell Ivey

Today, I want to speak about headings. If you remember from my article on navigation, proper headings can be one of the quickest ways for adaptive tech users to navigate your website or app. However, to help you understand the best way to create effective headers, I think you need to know more about workflow than accessibility. by Maxwell Ivey

Composition Over Inheritance in PHP

By Wendell Adriel

Effective **Software** **Design** is a critical factor in successful implementation. It serves as a blueprint, guiding developers through the complexities of the project and ensuring that all requirements are met efficiently. by Wendell Adriel

What’s the Big Idea? PhpStorm for VIM Users

By Eric Van Johnson

I started my IT career in system operations. I spent many days in a cold data center, racking and stacking servers, installing operating systems, and configuring routers. That’s when I started using Vim. It was nice to sit in my cubicle outside the data center and access my servers to do everything I needed in a terminal, including editing files. I didn’t put any real thought into why Vim. It was just an option available on the command line to allow me to edit files. There were others—Nano, Emacs—and today, I couldn’t honestly tell you why I didn’t opt for one of them instead of Vim. But Vim did the job well, so I stuck with it. by Eric Van Johnson

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