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March 2024

In our industry, you can’t be too set in your ways. You have to always be open to learning. You keep learning, or you fall behind. That’s not to say some of us older developers in the industry can’t teach new people some old tricks that are still relevant. Whether you’re new to the game and writing your first “Hello World,” or you’re a seasoned developer with battle scars in a Git repository to prove it, you should never pass up the opportunity to sit down with others in your industry and talk about ideas, patterns, and challenges. This has always been a challenge for me. I’m not very social, but I have made some of the best friendships with people at conferences, user group meetups, and online in the PHP community. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to new people when you can.

Navigating the Ocean of Data Visualization with Mermaid.JS

By Matt Lantz

If you’ve ever drowned in the crashing waves of code while attempting to create a flowchart, sequence diagram, or any form of data representation, then it’s time for you to be rescued by Mermaid.JS. This powerful JavaScript library for creating diagrams and flowcharts is a breath of fresh air for the developer community, offering a haven from complicated, time-consuming charting tools. by Matt Lantz

Prepare for Launch

By Oscar Merida

Welcome to the PHP Foundry. My focus for this column will be to explore the tools and libraries available to augment regular, daily tasks as we work on bug fixes and new features. I want to focus on practical advice for tools that streamline development. We’ll explore how to structure a project, use tools to automate mundane tasks, assess code quality and adherence to standards, and more. To focus our efforts, we’ll work on building a PHP client for by Oscar Merida

This Month, We Celebrate GAAD

By Beth Tucker Long

The sixteenth of this month is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). This happens every year on the 16th of May…er…wait. It’s not May yet. So why am I bringing this up now? by Beth Tucker Long

Is Your Code Clear Enough For A Non Developer To Understand

By Christopher Miller

Before you get out the pitchforks and hunt me down – at least give me the time it takes to read this article to explain my point. You see, if a non-developer can understand it, then just how much easier will it be for a developer to understand it? by Christopher Miller

Transitional Implementation, Part 2

By Edward Barnard

Our transitional PHP code looks odd. It’s counterintuitive. But it makes highly efficient use of developer effort. This code walkthrough explains the reasons behind our methods. Part 1 presents the basic architecture. Part 2 explains why we’re doing it this way. by Edward Barnard

Symfony UX Part 3

By Chris Tankersly

We close out our Symfony UX series by looking at[Mercure](, a protocol for sending events to clients through a publish-subscribe flow. by Chris Tankersly

23andMe, and You, and Everyone Else

By Eric Mann

Remember this article you’re about to read the next time you’re asked for your birthdate and mother’s maiden name to prove your identity in a doctor’s office … by Eric Mann

APIs In The Wild Wild West

By Steve McDougall

For the longest time, we have been struggling with talking to third-party APIs and having service classes that rely on static variables littered throughout our applications. by Steve McDougall

Text Accessibility

By Maxwell Ivey

This month, I want to talk about text. Yes, you read *text* correctly. Even I thought, “Max, is there enough to talk about?” before I actually began writing this article. by Maxwell Ivey

Kaizen or Team Continuous Improvement

By Philippe Gamache

There are several techniques to improve the code quality and performance of your teams. But after you start practicing agile methods, introduce unit testing, implement continuous integration, employ Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), or Domain-Driven Design (DDD), what’s left? Increasing your organization scale? When you get to a certain number of individuals, the production dwindles. All that remains is to strengthen the quality of your workforce. by Philippe Gamache

PHP Performance Profiling: Tools and Techniques for Efficient Code

By Ayoade David

This article explores the intricacies of PHP performance by emphasizing the significance of profiling and optimizing PHP applications. It covers several profiling techniques available, as well as the best PHP practices for creating performant applications. by Ayoade David

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