Scott Keck-Warren

Scott Keck-Warren is the Directory of Technology at WeCare Connect and has been working professionally as a PHP developer for over a decade, as well as leading technical teams. Scott blogs about topics for PHP developers at


Boosting User Perceived Performance with Laravel Horizon

By Scott Keck-Warren

Work queues allow us to perform slow or error-prone tasks outside of the current user’s request to improve their experience with our site. Instead of doing everything during a user’s request, we can offload expensive tasks like resizing images, sending emails, and generating PDFs. In this article, you’ll learn how we can use Laravel Horizon to speed up the response time for our applications.

Published in Trimming One’s Sails, August 2021

Getting Started With Test-Driven Development

By Scott Keck-Warren

As developers, we spend a large portion of our time testing code we’ve just written. In a traditional testing cycle, we write some code and manually test it until it’s error-free, but how do we know it will be error-free a year from now? Embracing Test-Driven Development (TDD) allows us to quickly build a suite of automated tests, which improves the maintainability and reliability of our code.

Published in Warp Driven Development, July 2020