Matt Lantz

Matt has been developing software for over 13 years. He started his career as a developer working for a small marketing firm, but has since worked for a few Fortune 500 companies, lead a couple teams of developers and is currently working as a Cloud Architect. He’s contributed to the open source community on projects such as Cordova and Laravel. He also made numerous packages and helped maintain a few. He’s worked with Start Ups and sub-teams of big teams within large divisions of companies. He’s a passionate developer who often fills his weekend with extra freelance projects, and code experiments.

twitter: @Mattylantz


Artisan Way: Laravel 10: New Features and Upgrade Impacts

By Matt Lantz

Upgrading a Laravel application has rarely been considered a “large process”, but a version of Laravel is released every now and then that carries with it some “bigger” changes. Laravel 10, like the last couple of versions, has been an exercise in an elegant release structure that enables developers to upgrade and deploy an app, usually in less than 10 minutes. I’ve been able to get a couple applications upgraded recently, and it took less than 5 minutes in each case. There are a few small quirks in version 10’s upgrade process, which are outlined below. However, the overall upgrade is smooth and, in this version’s case, simply adds more features and a minor reduction in dependencies. by Matt Lantz

Published in Box of PHP, March 2023

Artisan Way: Events, Listeners, Jobs, and Queues Oh my!

By Matt Lantz

Harnessing the power of Laravel’s queues, events, listeners, observers, and jobs will significantly improve response times and provide your application with a clear separation of coding concerns enabling you to deliver some seriously efficient code. by Matt Lantz

Published in Knowledge Crunching, February 2023