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Using a framework? Why you should still learn OO and SQL

by · April 27, 2010


If you’ve only ever used a framework to do data-driven or object-oriented programming, you might not know as much as you think. Read why it’s important to learn object-oriented programming and SQL…even if your framework does all the heavy lifting for you.


Oracle PHP Generator

by · April 19, 2010


Is generating a PHP application to access a database a good development process?


Apache CouchDB hits 0.11.0, drops "alpha" and "beta"

by · March 30, 2010


The popular document-oriented database hits version 0.11.0, and this time shows up without “alpha” or “beta” status.


Impel, the Javascript ORM

by · March 23, 2010


Impel is an object-relational mapper for JavaScript. If the association of these two terms seems strange, bear with me (and with HTML5) for a moment.


MySQL Community Server 5.1.45 announced

by · March 17, 2010


MySQL, the popular SQL database, has announced a new release of their Community Server edition. This is version 5.1.45.


Lithium at version 0.7, now with SQL support

by · March 10, 2010


Lithium hits version 0.7, bringing 170 commits from 6 different developers…including SQL support.


The state of MongoDB, March 2010

by · March 9, 2010


Eliot Horowitz and the rest of the core MongoDB Team released a post on the project blog addressing current and future development of the project. The team has released two stable releases — 1.0 and 1.2 — and has a third, version 1.4, coming that contains “better concurrency, geospatial indexing, ‘usability’ enhancements and speed enhancements, to name a few.”


Microsoft schedules upcoming SQL Server service packs

by · February 15, 2010


Despite Microsoft SQL Server 2008 having been out for some time, Microsoft is still planning on providing extended support—through 2011—to the 2005 edition of its flagship DBMS.