Tomas Votruba

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Tomas Votruba is a regular speaker at meetups and conferences and writes regularly. He created the Rector project and founded the PHP community in the Czech Republic in 2015. He loves meeting people from the PHP family so he created FriendOfPHP which is updated daily with meetups all over the world.

twitter: @votrubaT


Can You Migrate Any Legacy Code Under One Month?

By Tomas Votruba

According to PHP Framework Trends from Packagist, there were over 1,258 million downloads of open-source PHP frameworks in the last 12 months. That’s a huge number! But how many of them are on the latest version? How many of them are stuck on version 0 or 1, that’s not even on Packagist? Also, how many of you have a custom PHP framework that you hate? What if I tell you there is a way you all could use the latest version of your favorite framework and PHP 7.4 by the end of 2019?

Published in Renovating Applications with Symfony, August 2019