Victor Bolshov

I’ve been developing in PHP since 2001. Have worked for major Russian companies, then for an international dating network, currently residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I write code and deliver solutions for a Dutch famous online auctioning platform I’m interested in hi-loads, agile development, nice and efficient code, databases and unit testing.

twitter: @crocodile2u


PHPUnit Worst Practices

By Victor Bolshov

I’ve been working with PHPUnit a lot, probably since 2007. Unit testing and automatic testing in general is important, and it becomes even more important when it comes to team play. Unfortunately, in different teams that I have worked in, I often observed a situation when tests don’t receive all the attention they deserve, sometimes way too little attention. In this article I’m gonna cover certain things that you should avoid in your tests, the mistakes that are still often made even by experienced developers.

Published in Testing in Practice – April 2018, April 2018