Wendell Adriel

Wendell Adriel is a conference speaker, technical writer, open-source enthusiast, amateur photographer and cat lover. Currently works at TrackStreet as a Lead Software Engineer and in his free time, contributes and maintains some open-source projects and writes technical content for his blog. Reach him out on X at

twitter: @wendell_adriel


Understanding and Implementing a Dependency Injection Container – Part I

By Wendell Adriel

When working in **Software** **Development**, creating maintainable and scalable applications is a top priority, not only for the technical aspects but also from the business perspective. If we have high-quality code, the chance of issues decreases, decreasing the work needed in maintenance. by Wendell Adriel

Published in AI Llamas, June 2024

Composition Over Inheritance in PHP

By Wendell Adriel

Effective **Software** **Design** is a critical factor in successful implementation. It serves as a blueprint, guiding developers through the complexities of the project and ensuring that all requirements are met efficiently. by Wendell Adriel

Published in PHP Reflections, May 2024

An Introduction to Reflection

By Wendell Adriel

Reflection, also known as Reflective Programming, is the ability of the code to examine and manipulate its own behavior. With Reflection, our code can understand its own properties, methods, classes, functions, etc. Reflection is also linked with the metaprogramming technique since, when using Reflection, our code can read, analyze, and modify itself during runtime. by Wendell Adriel

Published in PHP Reflections, May 2024

Creating Beautiful CLI Applications in PHP with MiniCLI and Termwind

By Wendell Adriel

Usually, when we think about PHP programming, our minds automatically drift toward Web Applications. PHP is widely known for web-oriented solutions. However, it’s less recognized that PHP also has robust capabilities to build powerful CLI applications. by Wendell Adriel

Published in Command Line Picasso, November 2023