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November 2023

It’s November already, in America, it’s a time for expressing our gratitude to friends and family. Gratitude: an acknowledgment of having received something good from another, as defined by Merriam-Webster. We have so much gratitude for all of our contributors and readers alike. We receive something good from each of you throughout the year. Our contributors provide the relevant content to keep us learning/growing in our professional development. And our readers offer important feedback. PHP Architect would only be here with both of these crucial components, and we thank you all.

Bounded Fix

By Edward Barnard

For the past four years at the USA Clay Target League, we’ve been working toward updating our PHP software. Domain-Driven Design appeared to be a good direction for us. We’re not there yet. But there is one particular pattern that I’ve been using over and over, which I’ll be sharing below. by Edward Barnard

Is Your Code Abstracted Enough To Minimize Load?

By Christopher Miller

Last month, we looked at the handling of plans—well, building from that, we’re going to start delving into abstraction and minimizing load. What do I mean, though, by abstraction? by Christopher Miller

WebAuthn: The Future to Securing Applications

By Matt Lantz

Online security is a predominant concern among most companies and developers. Traditional authentication methods, such as passwords, have proven to be increasingly vulnerable to hacking and phishing attacks. by Matt Lantz

Object Oriented Visibility

By Chris Tankersly

Programming is weird. It is one of the newest disciplines that we have, but at the same time, it has been around since the 1950s. We seem to come up with concepts on an almost daily basis that, when dug into, we discovered years ago. It is almost like the jokes made about modern entertainment—all the good stories have been written, and all we can do is retell them. Sometimes, it feels like in the case of programming, all the good ideas have already been figured out; all we do is pretend we found them as brand new time and time again. by Chris Tankersly

Gratefully Looking Back

By Beth Tucker Long

by Beth Tucker Long

PHP, Meet Passkeys

By Eric Mann

Something you know, something you are, something you have. How does the new technology of passkeys fit into the proven authentication pyramid? by Eric Mann


By Oscar Merida

Much like Comb Sort improved on the Bubble Sort, Shellsort also improves the execution of the Insertion Sort. Again, the improvements come from comparing items that are far apart in the array in early iterations until we are comparing adjacent items again. by Oscar Merida

Alternative Architecture in Laravel

By Steve McDougall

In Laravel, we are used to writing our code exactly as it comes out of the box. Model View Controller (MVC) pattern is something we are extremely familiar with – and the documentation leads us in this direction by default. However, does this work in every scenario? What happens when features pile up or our team grows to a point that makes it harder to manage and not trip over each other? Some people at this point would look to split the application out into multiple services or micro-services; however, that isn’t always very beneficial. Let’s take a walk down the path of Software Architecture and see what we can find. by Steve McDougall

Done For You

By Maxwell Ivey

This time I want to talk about an approach to improving accessibility that would probably be controversial to long-time advocates in the world of accessibility and inclusion. It is the idea that ‘done-for-you’ by Maxwell Ivey

Creating Beautiful CLI Applications in PHP with MiniCLI and Termwind

By Wendell Adriel

Usually, when we think about PHP programming, our minds automatically drift toward Web Applications. PHP is widely known for web-oriented solutions. However, it’s less recognized that PHP also has robust capabilities to build powerful CLI applications. by Wendell Adriel

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