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php|architect – September 2009

Lifecycle of a Bug

We all need more hours in the day, so why are we wasting time fixing the same bug we fixed last week? Time for a new plan.—by Matthew Weier O’Phinney

Standardizing Code with CodeSniffer

Have you ever seen PHP source code with missing comments, different styles of curly brace placement, varying variable naming conventions, and a cocktail of tab and space indentations all mixed together? Does your team produce such code? CodeSniffer can help you!—by Svyatoslav Kotusev

Don’t Make Me Write HTML!

Is your markup language a clunker? Need something with more acceleration? Something sexy? Take Haml and Sass for a spin. It’s the Ferrari of markup.—by Martin Streicher

Do More With Include Files

Some simple rules to improve your productivity and make your code more reliable.—by Colin McKinnon

A Form Parser Using the SPL ArrayIterator

Have you ever stared with anguish at a specification for a30+ element form where most elements require validation? For most of us, programming forms is an arduous and time-consuming task, but one that cannot be taken lightly. This article gives you an insight into how to build a custom form parser and how to use it.—by Jayesh Wadhwani

PHPCUPS – PHP to Paper: the Missing Link

Have you wanted to take data from your application and send it to a printer? Did you find the most prominent solution given is to use shell_exec() to pass commands to the lp and lpr applications? Quite some time ago, the CUPS developers created an extension to PHP that allowed printing. Oddly enough, it would seem it has been overlooked. Let’s shed some light on this extension and put it to good use.—by Eric Jackman

Refactoring Principles

Learn about refactoring as a company process and how it can help developers to be more responsible toward the quality of the product they are building, resulting in a productivity boost for the whole team.—by Alvaro Videla Godoy

Security Roundup: It’s a Conspiracy!

Knowledge is only as useful as the people who use it. Your attitude about security makes all the difference.—by Arne Blankerts

exit(0): Your Software is Worthless

In an open-source market, what is your software worth? Not as much as you think.—by Marco Tabini