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php|architect — April 2013

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Securing File Uploads

Users love to upload files, either to share them with other people or for storage. Gone are the days when regular internet users will fire up an FTP client just to upload a file to a server. Thanks to HTML5, we now can have users drag a file over from their desktop onto their browser, and the browser will automatically send it to the server (well, everything but older versions of IE anyway). Think of how much uploading you yourself do throughout out the day. Facebook wouldn’t be half as fun if you couldn’t upload embarrassing photos from your friend’s birthday party. –by Chris Tankersley

When a Password Isn’t Enough: Two-factor Authentication and You

Passwords just don’t cut it anymore. They can get cracked, guessed, or even misplaced if you’re one of those people that have it written down somewhere near their computer. Even if you take the necessary precautions, you still can’t ensure it’s safely stored on the provider’s side. Some of the more recent comprises were out of the user’s control entirely. The providers were compromised. Using just a password, in today’s world, certainly has its flaws and just isn’t enough anymore. Unfortunately, your password isn’t just something that is guaranteed to be only known by you. –by Chris Stone

Best Practices For Password Hashing In PHP

Handling passwords can be a daunting challenge. There’s a ton of advice out there, and most of it is outdated at this point. Let’s look at my journey to fix a serious password storage problem. –by John Congdon

Unit Testing Essentials: Mock Objects

There is no great mystery behind the syntax of a unit test. The power of the test-first approach – and even in the test-at-some-point-while-you-refactor approach – is found in using the tests to inform the design and architecture of your application. One essential tool for writing effective and informative unit tests is mock objects. In this article, we will look at the concept of mock objects and explore a couple mocking frameworks for PHP projects. –by Jeff Carouth

Bug Zapper: Building a Test Case

The past two editions of this column were dedicated to a minor problem in `Zend\Form\Form`, and I’m still with it. In the February 2013 edition, we looked at the `Form` component and how it’s used in ZF 2 in relation to issue #3373. The next one was about setting up unit testing and building PHP with the right dependencies. This time, I’m actually going to build a test and fix the issue. –by Bart McLeod

Education Station: Design, Deployment, Codeship

Want a tool to deploy your organization’s code with nothing more than the push of a branch to Github? Want a deployment tool that’s as beautiful as it is simple? Want a tool that’s painlessly quick and simple to set up? Then come learn about –by Matthew Setter

finally{}: Values of Teaching from Basics

It would seem to be common knowledge, but one that perhaps seems to be questioned a lot lately in the PHP Community. People seem to forget that not everyone who is learning to be a programmer will instantly grok all aspects of the language. –by Eli White

Editorial: Security-driven Development

Security breaches are becoming too common. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long

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