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Know Your Tools – February 2018

Tooling around web development has only become more complicated as each year passes. There are probably tools to help you manage and tame all the tools you need to get your work done. This month, we take a look at tools to help you understand just what’s going on under the hood.

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Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part One

Containers are the hot technology these days. They make hosting more flexible and reliable. They make development environments easier to set up. They’re like lightweight VMs. And, based on the marketing they also taste great and are less filling. But, what are they, really? by Larry Garfield

Drupal for Symfony Developers

As a digital agency we need to have a good CMS solution for our clients. Even in situations where we are developing more custom apps than content web applications, we still need a good, modular CMS solution. As Symfony developers, we wanted to find powerful CMS solutions built on Symfony. We wanted to use our Symfony knowledge for building custom things on our chosen CMS solution. In this article, I will show you what we learned and how you can build things using Symfony inside Drupal. by Antonio Perić-Mažar

Love/Hate—The Dysfunctional Relationship We Have With Tools

In software and product development, it’s easy to find yourself in a constant love-hate relationship with the tools of your trade. A proper toolkit improves your productivity and adds a bit of joy to your work life; a bad one holds you back and can cause mind-numbing frustration. It’s worth spending the time to get your tool choices right. by Shahina Patel

Artisanal: Full-Text Searching with Scout

Laravel Scout is a package that makes adding full-text searching of your Eloquent models simple. Scout is driver based, which means you will need to use a driver for the data source you’ll be searching. Scout ships with the Algolia driver out of the box. We’re going to cover installing and configuring Laravel Scout and utilizing a community supported MySQL driver so you can test drive Scout in your application before making the leap to Algolia (or another driver). by Joe Ferguson

The Dev Lead Trenches: Coming Aboard!

The need to onboard new hires is one of the most significant reasons why adding workers to a project does not actually increase the project’s productivity. It takes time to get them up to speed with how the system works, what their role is, day-to-day workflows, and a host of other things. The goal of any new hire, even ones where you aren’t trying to fill in gaps during emergencies, is to get new hires as productive as possible as quickly as possible. by Chris Tankersley

Security Corner: Application-level Data Security

Developers often conflate two different modes of data encryption when protecting the systems on which their applications run. One is encryption at rest—actually encrypting the files the database engine uses to persist state to the hard drive. The other is application-level encryption—where the application itself knows the encryption key and protects data directly. These approaches are similar, but they are not the same. It behooves the savvy developer to understand the difference between them and how to leverage both to secure application data fully. by Eric Mann

Community Corner: The Journey to Becoming a Speaker

There is a wealth of great advice on becoming a speaker. Speaking isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on the fence and wondering if it’s for you, my advice is to give it a go! by James Titcumb

Education Station: Shifting and Masking with a Side of Crypto

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The basics can be tricky. This month we take a careful walk-through of a few lines of cryptographic code in PHP. This leads us through the difference between ones’ complement and two’s complement representation. We achieve weirdness by combining logical AND with integer addition. by Edward Barnard

finally{}: Blue Collar Coders

All jobs come with a salary, and that salary is usually tied to a simple concept: Supply and Demand. Yes, it’s often the case that jobs that pay more, require much more intensive training that whittles out all but the most die-hard people, but that itself is a limiting factor of supply. by Eli White


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