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Building the Backside – Part 1

by · September 22, 2011


Editor’s Note: This is part three of a four-part series on building mobile dashboards with Flash and PHP. You can still read Part One and Part Two on php|architect’s Website. In case you did not know this, I love PHP. It is the Swiss Army Knife of development languages, and I can do dang near anything […]


Mobile Dashboards Made Easy – Part 2

by · September 8, 2011


It’s time for the second instalment on our four-part series on mobile dashboards; this time, we focus on the user interface of our application.


CodeWorks 2010 Slides

by · November 29, 2010


If you’ve been following along the last couple months, you know that a number of us were recently on the CodeWorks 2010 tour. In ten days we hit five cities and met user groups all over the place. All in all, it was a blast – we all have writeups coming – but you’re not here for our analysis.. you’re hear for our slides.


Meet Ryan Stewart

by · May 3, 2010


Ryan Stewart of Adobe talks with us about who he is and what he does at Adobe.


How I learned to stop worrying and start loving the wizard – Part 1

by · April 26, 2010


Adobe’s new Flash Builder 4 comes with a shiny new wizard-driven data access interface. How does it measure up to the “old-school” way of interfacing to remote APIs? Our own Cal Evans investigates.


Enjoy a free article from our March 2010 issue!

by · March 24, 2010


This month: iPhone, mobile web and an exclusive review of Flash Builder 4—plus, a completely free article for you to download.


Can Flex save Flash?

by · March 3, 2010


Is Flash dying? Despite the many cries to the contrary, hardly so—at least for people who need to get practical things done within realistic deadlines, rather than spend their time pontificating about esoteric conspiracy theories.


Let's get all the facts on HTML5

by · February 16, 2010


Recent blog posts called into question Adobe’s commitment to open standards and specifically to HTML5. Now John Nack, Adobe employee but not spokes-person, speaks out and gives readers a hint of his true feelings on the matter.