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MySQL 8.0 Geographic Information System or How Did I Get to This Point?

by · May 2, 2019


MySQL before version 5.7 had less than stellar Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support. In version 5.7, the Boost.Geometry two dimensional or 2D libraries were added. The past several years have seen explosive growth in GIS demand, and the pre 5.7 software was not up to what the customer base was demanding. So the decision was made to switch to the Boost.Geometry libraries. This refactoring was a significant investment for the engineering team to move to a third party library and they have also become contributors to the Boost.Geometry project. Also, with 8.0 came the three dimensional or 3D libraries, but how do you use these features?


Finding Exactly Where You Are

by · November 10, 2011


Most people are familiar with Google Maps. You type in an address, and you are given a map that shows you the exact location of your query. Part of the process that goes on behind the scenes is geocoding, which takes a physical address and maps it to a set of longitude and latitude coordinates. […]


Geolocation: Easier Than It Looks

by · November 7, 2011


Have you ever wanted to add location-aware content to your web applications? Would you believe me if I told you it was dead easy, and you could be up and running in about 10 minutes? The first thing you want to do is use someone else’s work. Geolocation is a solved problem; there’s no need […]