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Scheduling Tasks With CRON

by · September 1, 2023


      As developers, most of the time, our websites perform some kind of action based on a user clicking a button or typing some data, but there are some things we need to be able to do outside of the normal web request flow. For example, we should be running our backups at […]


The php|tek schedule is up!

by · February 10, 2012


If you have been in the PHP community for a while then you probably know how much fun php|tek is. You’ve either been there and seen it first hand, or you’ve watched on Twitter as your friends have attended. If you are new to PHP, boy have we got a treat for you. tek ’12 […]


CodeWorks 09: The Schedule is Live!

by · June 29, 2009


We’re proud to announce the schedule and locations for CodeWorks 09. On average, each location features almost thirty different talks from some of the best speakers in the PHP world—spread across two days of conference goodness, coming to a city near you between September 22nd and October 5th for an unbeatable price!