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Improving Your PHP with Static Types

by · November 11, 2020


As PHP incorporates more features typical of statically typed languages, you have the option of adopting an entirely new programming style. While static typing can make your code easier to understand, refactor, and test, PHP’s implementation isn’t quite the same as other languages. This article covers the state of static typing in PHP and how […]


Education Station: Effective Data Typing

by · August 6, 2020


In our documentation at work, there are a few places where we list things as strings but look suspiciously like Boolean values. This realization sparked a discussion at work around data types, but not the one most developers tend to have. This discussion was not about strict versus dynamic typing, but more about what kind […]


Building Bridges

by · March 25, 2019


In this Episode We’re trying a new format in this episode. Eric, John, and Oscar recorded together. Let us know what you think of the new format? Should we keep it? Topics Eric and John get a look behind the scenes into what goes into producing each magazine issue. Call for Writers – get feedback […]


Education Station: Explicit is Better Than Implicit

by · March 4, 2019


The argument over strict typing is nothing new in PHP. When the PHP 7.0 release was under development and the idea of scalar type hinting came up, there were developers on all sides with opinions on how it should work. While PHP 7.0 could introduce backward compatibility breaks, introducing strict typing had the potential to […]


Security Corner: Strong Security Stance in the New Year

by · January 7, 2019


January is a month all about setting resolutions for the new year. A new diet. A new budget. A new FOSS contribution goal. In 2019, let’s intentionally focus on keeping our projects safe and taking a strong stance on security.


Testing Strategy With the Help of Static Analysis

by · December 21, 2018


When developing an application, our aim as software developers is to make sure it does what it ought to do and to keep the number of defects as low as possible. We should also strive to make our lives easier, to counter external circumstances like tight deadlines and ever-changing requirements causing the exact opposite. That’s […]


Treasures, Old & New – May 2018

by · May 1, 2018


Writing clean code, managing technical debt, testing with Mockery, Toxic Tech, API specifications, and more.


Testing Strategy With the Help of Static Analysis

by · April 26, 2018


By Ondrej Mirtes. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of type safety and how it can improve the reliability and stability of your code. Once your code is more type-safe, and that fact is verified by automated tools, you can cherry-pick which parts of your application need extensive unit tests and where you can rely just on well-defined types.


Testing in Practice – April 2018

by · April 2, 2018


PHP Unit, Mockery, Type Hints, Async PHP, building a REST API, training programs, PHP isolation and security, serverless computing, Laravel auth, and more.