Sarah Aburu

I’m Sarah Aburu, a seasoned technical writer with a passion for simplifying complex programming concepts. With over two years of experience, I’ve delved into the intricacies of PHP and a range of other programming languages, translating them into user-friendly documentation. My mission is to empower developers with clear, concise, and well-structured guides, making their coding journey smoother and more enjoyable. When I’m not writing about code, you can find me exploring the latest tech trends or experimenting with new programming challenges.


Implementing Auth* in PHP Applications: Security Best Practices

By Sarah Aburu

Authentication and authorization stand as cornerstones in the realm of web application security. In this article, we’ll delve into the vital aspects of implementing robust authentication and authorization mechanisms in PHP applications – strap in as we navigate the intricate landscape of web security. by Sarah Abur

Published in Bad Bug Bounties, January 2024

GraphQL APIs with PHP: A Guide to Schema Design and Execution

By Sarah Aburu

This article is your passport to the world of GraphQL in PHP. We’ll embark on a journey through each aspect of GraphQL, from its basics to advanced techniques. You’ll discover how to set up your development environment, define schemas, write resolvers, and handle queries and mutations with PHP. We’ll dive deep into security with authentication and authorization, and you’ll learn to manage errors and optimize queries. Real-world examples and case studies will showcase practical applications. We’ll wrap up with best practices, testing, and a plethora of resources. Get ready to master GraphQL in PHP and build efficient, flexible APIs. by Sarah Aburu

Published in Software Archeology, October 2023