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Frank Wallen is a PHP developer and tabletop gaming geek (really a gamer geek in general). He is also the proud father of two amazing young men and grandfather to two beautiful children who light up his life. He lives in Southern California and hopes to one day have a cat again.

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PSR Pickup: Psr-3 Logger Interface

By Frank Wallen

Now that we have introduced the Autoloader (March Issue) and style guide PSRs (March and April), we’re going to look at PSR-3, the Logger Interface. We’ll continue along the path of recommendations for code structure and see recommendations for expectations and behaviors. by Frank Wallen

Published in One Final Slice, May 2022

PSR Pickup: PSR 12 Extended Coding Style Standard

By Frank Wallen

In last month’s column of PSR Pickup, I talked about PSR-4 Autoloader (PSR-0 was the first Autoloader PSR) and PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard. In this month’s column, I’ll be talking about PSR-12 Extended Coding Style Standard. PSR-12 builds on PSR-1 and is significant in the number of rules it defines, most of which are formatting styles well-supported by modern IDEs.

Published in Testing The Core, April 2022

PSR Pickup: PSRs – Improving the Developer Experience

By Frank Wallen

PHP-FIG (PHP Framework Interoperability Group) is the group of developers and projects coming together to define/suggest and maintain PSRs (PHP Standard Recommendations) for how frameworks and components communicate and work with each other. In PSR Alley, we will talk about the PSRs and how they are applied in, or affect, the real world of developing with PHP. The first ones we’ll look at are *PSR-0 Autoloading Standard*, *PSR-4 Autoloading*, and *PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard*.

Published in World Backup Day, March 2022