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Knowledge Crunching

February 2023

What Can the NSA Teach Us About Debugging?

By Edward Barnard

William F. Friedman wrote training materials teaching would-be cryptographers how to break encrypted messages. Much of his advice applies equally well to modern software problem-solving and analysis. by Edward Barnard

Headless Possibilities for PHP

By Ivo Lukač

To those unfamiliar with the term headless, it is a system with (only) an API interface for delivering content. Even though headless solutions are somehow more bound to frontend technologies and cloud solutions, there are plenty of use cases where PHP developers might get involved. by Ivo Lukač

PHP Puzzles: Stats 101 Grade Book

By Oscar Merida

Let’s go back to basics and look at some different ways to measure the average value in a list of numbers. More specifically, they’re ways of measuring central tendency. These handy techniques to identify “the middle” of a set prove useful when analyzing sales, traffic, or other frequency counts. by Oscar Merida

Education Station: The Why and How of Building Microservices

By Chris Tankersley

Despite what you may think, adding new people to a team does not speed up a project but can slow it down. We’ll take a look at how microservices can speed up development through the use of smaller teams, as well how to structure microservices by Chris Tankersley

The Workshop: Upgrading with Reckless Abandon: Part Two

By Joe Ferguson

This upgrade process is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who spend hours meticulously curating their commits and merges. We’re intentionally being reckless because we’re confident that our tests cover enough of our code to know when a problem will arise. by Joe Ferguson

DDD Alley: Observability Lab

By Edward Barnard

I realized that I need to experiment with various off-the-shelf products, such as Elasticsearch. Here is how and why I set up a Raspberry Pi as a safe testbed. We’ll repartition a USB hard drive to be suitable as the boot device while reaching past the boot device limitations. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Infosec 101: The Confused Deputy

By Eric Mann

When two InfoSec practitioners get together, they often resort to a sort of short-hand in conversation to make things easier. This leverages slang, jargon, or other insider references that are opaque or confusing to those outside our community. Rather than coming up with new terms, it’s often easiest to spend that time disambiguating the jargon already in use. This month we’ll dive deep into a concept that seems to come up frequently – particularly among less technical stakeholders. This is the “confused deputy”. by Eric Mann

Artisan Way: Events, Listeners, Jobs, and Queues Oh my!

By Matt Lantz

Harnessing the power of Laravel’s queues, events, listeners, observers, and jobs will significantly improve response times and provide your application with a clear separation of coding concerns enabling you to deliver some seriously efficient code. by Matt Lantz

PSR Pickup: PSR-15: HTTP Server Request Handlers

By Frank Wallen

This month we’re introducing PSR-15, which proposes standards for handling and responding to HTTP requests through request handlers and middleware. A request handler receives an HTTP message (see PSR-7 , processes the request, and returns a response. A middleware component processes incoming requests, often in combination with other middleware, and will perform specific actions before the receiving application handles the request. There are two github repositories for this PSR: Server Request Handlers for Middleware (http-server-handler) and HTTP Server Middleware (http-server-middleware).
by Frank Wallen

finally{}: Making the Cut

By Beth Tucker Long

Between a major shortage of programmers, rampant burnout, and a workforce disrupted by the pandemic, employment in the tech industry is in turmoil. At the same time, our hiring practices continue on as if nothing has changed. Why are we letting this happen? by Beth Tucker Long

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