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The Spectrum of PHP

September 2023

When it comes to PHP development, one thing remains clear: we are living in a time of exciting changes and rapid innovation. The constant tug-of-war between modernization and classic approaches, the necessity for speed without sacrificing quality, and the search for optimal tools are the battles PHP developers face daily. Just as we marvel at the sheer diversity of libraries and frameworks available to us, we are equally terrified of the growing threats from AI and the shifting landscape. This month, we dive into some of this and much more.

Exploring Real-World Applications of PHP-FIG’s PSRs through Popular Libraries

By Frank Wallen

by Frank Wallen

It’s Time to Reinvent the Wheel

By Beth Tucker Long

by Beth Tucker Long

Popular Tools for Robust Laravel Development

By Matt Lantz

Developers rarely build anything from scratch that isn’t neatly wrapped in various packages or frameworks. Developers also rarely configure a replica of a production environment to write some code. Developers have for decades built tools for other developers to help streamline their development process. Some communities can get this right where various members push the envelope and help remove hurdles from their fellow developers. Other communities have fallen very short. Let’s take a look at how Laravel stacks up.
by Matt Lantz

Comb Sort

By Oscar Merida

The Bubble Sort is an easy-to-understand algorithm to order array elements from smallest to largest. One drawback of the bubble sort is that we compare one element to an adjacent element. We’ll see how the Comb sort addresses the limitation and compare its performance with the Bubble sort.
by Oscar Merida

We are Losing the Browser War

By Chris Tankersley

In the vast digital landscape, browsers serve as our windows to the world, shaping our experiences, interactions, and perceptions of the internet. Over the years, this landscape has seen intense battles for dominance, often termed the ‘browser wars’. These wars have profound implications for developers, businesses, and everyday users alike.
by Chris Tankersley

Unseeable Colors

By Maxwell Ivey

I recently spent time on an e-commerce site trying to buy new professional clothes. I received a fee for a recent talk on overcoming adversity from the Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities. Afterward, I decided to invest some of that money to maintain my appearance. by Maxwell Ivey

Create Observability, Part 4: Simple Queue System

By Edward Barnard

> This month, we are identifying a business process that needs to move offline for asynchronous processing. To support the move, we’ll design a simple queue system based on MySQL database tables. Next month, we’ll design observability into our business process as we move it offline.
by Edward Barnard

The Apocalypse is Now

By Eric Mann

The world’s leading experts on artificial intelligence have warned us of a coming “AI Apocalypse”. How real is this threat, and when will we see it?
by Eric Mann

An Overnight Covid Ticketing System

By Raja Renga

by Raja Renga

Asynchronous PHP without external libraries

By Vinicius Dias

Asynchronous programming can be daunting at first, especially in PHP, but we will understand how to achieve it without using any external libraries in PHP. This will make the world of non-blocking I/O much clearer and prepare you to use tools like ReactPHP or Swoole with a greater understanding of what is happening under the hood.
by Vinicius Dias

Getting Modern with Our Monolith

By Steve McDougall

by Steve McDougall

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