Test Driven Development, Event-Driven Design, and Concise Code

by · July 30, 2020


In this Episode Eric, John, and Oscar chat and review the July 2020 issue, Warp Driven Development Topics Covered Getting started with Test-Driven development and testing legacy code. Bears near Oscar’s house. What is Event-Driven Design? Making your presentations better – wether they’re conference talks or office meetings. Solutions for last month’s loot-drop problem. Should […]

Interview with Edward Barnard

by · July 24, 2020


In this Episode Edward Barnard returns to talk with Eric van Johnson and John Congdon about writing columns for the magazine and more. How he got started programming with CRAY supercomputers and then web development first with PERL and then PHP. Rescuing his first article submission from the spam bin. The inspiration and focus for […]

The Workshop: GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration

by · July 15, 2020


By Joe Ferguson Continuous Integration (CI), or the ongoing process of integrating changes in a shared version control repository, should be a goal of every project you work on. This month, we’re going to dive into configuring GitHub Actions to build and test our PHP application. Then we’ll look at a larger scale API, which […]

Asynchronous PHP, Frameworks, and Conferences

by · June 30, 2020


Eric, John and Oscar sit down to go over the June 2020 issue, “Advanced Design & Development”

Interview with Eric Mann, Security Corner contributor

by · June 23, 2020


In this Episode Eric van Johnson and John Congdon talk to Security Corner contributor Eric Mann about keeping your website secure. How a breach sparked his interest in security. The value of tokens and nonces. What area of security needs more attention. How to use end-to-end encryption for communication. Using Linux as your daily driver […]

Machine Learning with Liam Wiltshire

by · May 28, 2020


In this interview, Eric and John talk to Liam Wiltshire about his Machine Learning articles (Part two here) in the April and May 2020 issues of the magazine. Topics Covered How he transitioned from music into building web sites. Speaking at PHP conferences. Using machine learning with PHP and why he wrote this series. Assessing […]

Headless Drupal, Replay Tokens, PHP 8, History and Computing, and more

by · May 21, 2020


We’re switching our episode format this month. We’re splitting into two episodes: one a discussion of the developer topics from the latest issue and a separate episode will feature an interview with a contributor. In this episode, we talk about the articles in the May 2020 Issue, Unsupervised Learning. Topics Headless Drupal and distributed content stores. […]

Machine Learning, OpenAPI, and the Business of PHP

by · April 21, 2020


This month, we chat with Sherri Wheeler about the Business of PHP and other topics from the April 2020 magazine. Topics Getting started using machine learning with PHP. API design and how the OpenAPI can automate and improve your architecture. Writing command line scripts with Symfony’s Console components. PHP communities that don’t realize it and […]

Magento’s Evolution, Ecommerce, Development Environments, and Enterprise Software.

by · March 26, 2020


In Episode 30 In this episode, we dive into How Magento is Evolving and chat with Magento evangelist Ben Marks. Topics The free magazine issue courtesy of Adobe and Magento. An interview with Ben Marks on how Magento went from an open-source project to its acquisition, the value of the community and ecosystem, how Magento […]

There Are No Snow Days When You Work Remote

by · March 16, 2020


By Jennifer Wadella Do you think you have what it takes to work remote? Better yet, does your company or the place you’re interviewing with have what it takes to support remote workers? Consider this your guide to deciding if you’re in the right place to start working remote, and if you are—how to survive […]

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