More Than Asynchronous I/O, Introduction To Swoole PHP

by · October 23, 2020


By Bruce Dou Swoole PHP is a coroutine based asynchronous network application framework. It is a PHP extension that extends PHP core and utilizes more power provided by Linux OS. Unlike the callback style single thread asynchronous I/O provided by the other networking libraries like Node.js, Swoole PHP has multiple asynchronous I/O threads and native […]

Editor Bytes – Parallel Running

by · October 8, 2020


Editor-in-chief Oscar Merida looks into the October 2020 issue, Parallel Running.

Middleware, Serializing Objects,

by · September 30, 2020


This episode looks at the September 2020 issue, Under the Scope. Topics covered Using middleware, especially in legacy applications. Use cases for serializing PHP objects. Cleaning up directions and cleaning up data sets. Development tools you should have, like Mailhog and ngrok. Development environments with WSL and Docker. Using Mozilla Observatory to assess site security. […]

Interview with Terri Morgan

by · September 23, 2020


Eric and John chat with Terri Morgan about her article on project metrics in the September 2020 issue. Topics Covered Providing valid metrics for project managers. Establishing “where you want to go” as your project goal. Defining deliverables and when you’ll have them. Managing scope creep. Speaking and attending conferences. Being a polyglot programmer.

Community Corner: PHP 8 Release Managers: Interview with Sara Golemon and Gabriel Caruso, Part Three

by ·


By Eric Van Johnson Part three concludes my interview with the PHP 8 Release Managers about PHP Internals. We touch on getting started contributing to internals via RFCs, becoming release managers, the commitment required by that role, and how the project’s release cycles have evolved. Being a Release Manager I have to be honest Gabriel, […]

PHP and Database Access

by · September 11, 2020


In its early days, the Internet was all about sharing static data like images, flat text files, and downloadable binaries. The early Internet’s static nature was useful in for sharing information. In many ways, the ability to tie static web pages to the dynamic content resident in enterprise databases allowed us to build new kinds of applications. This is where, in many respects, PHP shines.

Editor Bytes – Under the Scope

by · September 10, 2020


Editor-in-chief Oscar Merida looks into the September 2020 issue, Under the Scope.

Document databases, MySQL, JSON-Schema validation, and PHP types

by · August 31, 2020


In this Episode Eric, John, and Oscar discuss the August 2020 issue, Data Discipline. Topics Covered Using SQL with non-relational databases. Data integrity with UUIDs and primary keys. Connecting and working to databases directly. Rolling dice with PHP Thinking about data types. Using Windows or Linux as your daily driver.

Interview with Dave Stokes on JSON-Schema, and MySQL

by · August 18, 2020


In this Episode Dave Stokes joins Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon to talk about MySQL and databases. The correct pronunciation(s) of MySQL. The impact of open-source software on their careers. Upcoming EOL support for MySQL 5.x and upgrading to MySQL 8. Working with JSON documents and the value of validating data early. When and […]

Education Station: Writing Concise Code

by ·


By Chris Tankersley There is a huge emphasis put on the code maintainability, and for a good reason. The programming industry is rife with what we like to term “legacy code,” which boils down to code that solves a business problem, but we, as the current maintainers, do not understand. No language is safe from […]

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