Migrating Legacy Web Applications to Laravel

by · March 18, 2019

Migrating Legacy Web Applications to Laravel

PHP is reclaiming its rightful place as the go-to language for web application development. For those of us maintaining and developing applications using legacy frameworks, the grass certainly looks greener on Laravel’s side. In this article, I show how to do an in-place migration from a legacy framework to Laravel.

Episode 17 – Out on a Limb

by · February 26, 2019


LIsten to this episode covering diversity in tech with Jill Binder and Lukas Kawhe Smith, upgrading to PHP 7.3, finding dead code, scaling your web applications, and more.

Community Corner: A New Sponsorship Framework

by · February 15, 2019


A little over a year ago my team lead looked at my first few months as a Developer Evangelist and decided that since I was already doing work for and with underrepresented developers, we should try making that one of the communities I officially serve.

Episode 16 – Remotely Working

by · February 5, 2019

Pocast logo on an undersea scene

Eric Van Johnson, John Congdon, Jennifer Wadella, and Oscar Merida are featured in the first episode of 2019. Topics include remote working, AWS S3 integrations, Jenkins, DevOps, and more.

php[tek] 2019 Schedule is Live

by · January 18, 2019

php[tek] 2018 May 21-23 in Atlanta, GA

We’ve posted the schedule for php[tek] 2019 over at tek.phparch.com. We’ll be returning to Atlanta, Georgia for a third year this May. Read on to see the new tracks format, planned sessions, and meet our speakers.

Education Station: DevOps and You

by · January 15, 2019

Dev Ops and You by Chris Tankersley

The tech industry is always awash with new ideas that are actually old. One which gained traction in the last ten years is the idea of “DevOps.” This term is the combination of “Development” and “Operations” and is meant to show these two roles can be combined for more efficiency.

January 18 – Beyond Performance

by · January 9, 2019


Day Camp 4 Developers If you’re selling widgets, offering a service, or publishing information a slow web page or application will cost you in the long run. User’s don’t wait and if your page takes too long to load, they’ll go somewhere else. Just one second slower will drop page views, customer satisfaction, and conversions. […]

It’s About Time

by · December 21, 2018


By Colin DeCarlo As applications scale and gain adoption, dates and time become much more of a concern than they once were. Bugs crop up, and developers start learning the woes of time zones and daylight saving time. Why did that reminder get sent a day early? How could that comment have been made at […]

The Case for Generics in PHP

by · November 20, 2018


By Chris Holland In 2016, Ben Scholzen and Rasmus Schultz published their PHP RFC: Generic Types and Functions, aka The Generics RFC. Having worked with generics in other languages, I was very grateful and thrilled to come across this RFC, as I could immediately see the tremendous benefits this would bring to the PHP ecosystem. […]

Episode 15 – Generics and php[world]

by ·

Episode 15 - Generics and php[world]

In this episode: generics, conferences, and more. A special live-recording with Eric van Johnson, John Congdon, Chris Holland, and Oscar Merida at php[world].

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