Testing The Core

by · April 8, 2022


This month, John and Eric introduce the new Drupal Dab column by Nicola Pignatelli which will be focused on the Drupal CMS system. They also discuss the How to Hack you Home with a Raspberry Pi series is going. Chris Tankersley takes us down the path of licenses with some thoughts on choosing one for […]

World Backup Day

by · April 1, 2022


Scott Keck-Warren has a contribution in honor of this month’s World Backup Date, Backups For Beginners. Follow along for some inspiration in making sure you have a complete backup system. Ken Marks continues his series, How to Hack Your Home with a Raspberry Pi, with an article showing how to actually hook up your accelerometer […]

Parallelize Your Code

by · February 25, 2022


This month’s release touches on some examples that keep PHP and its community strong, relevant, and a fun language to code. Ken Marks continues his series on using PHP and a Rasberry Pi in a real-world example with Raspberry Pi Part 2 – Installing the LAMP Stack on your Pi. As developers, we live a […]

Domain-Driven Resolutions

by · January 30, 2022


As 2021 fades from our memories, we hope that a few of you received fantastic geeky gifts during the holidays. Hopefully, some of those geeky gifts included Raspberry Pis. Over the next few months, we will build a project with one and hopefully inspire you to create something useful for yourself. This is also a […]

The Zen Of Mindful Programming

by · December 23, 2021

episode 69

In this issue, Doug Dobrzynski helps us focus while programming with his article, Mindful Programming. While this article isn’t PHP specific, if you take time to digest what he’s talking about, I think you will find that all of us could benefit from using daily mindful techniques. In his article, Lessons Learned from Building a WebSocket […]

The Art of Data

by · December 2, 2021


This month, we dive into Libsodium, discuss gatekeeping, learn more about data access, and why even something that might be considered a “small bug” can cause massive damage. I’m not sure how many people read these Editorials. It’s even been explained to me that this isn’t an “Editorial.” Ha, the joke’s on them; I’m not […]

Interview with Vinícius Campitelli

by · November 26, 2021


Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon interview feature contributor Vinícius Campitelli about his article Cryptography with Libsodium. According to the just-released 2021 version of OWASP Top 10 (a curated list of the most critical web application security risks out there), “Cryptographic Failures” are the 2nd most important of the many security concerns we should have […]

Decrypting Cryptography

by · October 26, 2021


Eric and John talk about their first release and the October 2021 issue, Decrypting Cryptography Topics Covered Cryptography 101 What I Wish Something Told Me About SQL Database Design Education Station: Windows 11 for PHP Development The Workshop: Nitro Design Patterns by Moonlight: The Dragon Wrangling Pattern Sebastian Bergmann and the PHPUnit project part 2 […]

Interview with Tomas Votruba

by · October 2, 2021


Eric van Johnson and John Congdon interview Tomas Votruba, who wrote an article on Why Would Anyone Want to Downgrade Their PHP Code? in the September 2021 issue. Topics Covered Downgrading PHP Code and why this might be a good workflow for you Rector – Instant Upgrades and Automated Refactoring The power of automated refactoring.

Upgrading code with Rector, CQRS, Livewire, is PHP the Worst?, and more

by · September 23, 2021


Eric, John, and Oscar talk about changes behind the screen and the September 2021 issue, It’s Really an Upgrade. Topics Covered Changes in ownership at php[architect] The Rector project: using it to upgrade and downgrade library code. CQRS: using it to scale database reads and writes. JWTs and Security Livewire and JavaScript front end frameworks […]

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