Interview with Joseph Maxwell

by · June 30, 2021


Eric and John talk to Joseph Maxwell, from Swiftotter, about ecommerce, debugging, and his article in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat. Topics Covered Debugging with purpose in web applications and under pressure. Coming from an ecommerce background. His podcast “Smash the Bug” and upcoming book “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging.” Understanding a bug […]

RoadRunner, Atoum, IDEs, Feature Tests, DIY API, Wizard Thinking

by · May 27, 2021


Eric, John, and Oscar try to review the May 2021 issue, Testing Assumptions. Topics Covered Fall Conferences, like Longhorn PHP (CfP is currently open). Debugging long-running applications using RoadRunner, ReactPHP, or Swoole. Does using an IDE make you a bad developer? Feature tests w/Behat PHP Internals interview w/Sara Golemon Building an API with off-the-shelf components […]

Editor Bytes – May 2021

by · May 25, 2021


Get a look into the May 2021 issue, Testing Assumptions, with Editor-in-Chief Oscar Merida.

Interview #2 with Joe Ferguson

by · May 21, 2021


We welcome Joe Ferguson back to catch up with us about PHP, his column “The Workshop”, and more Topics Covered Virtual conference experiences. Looking forward to in-person events. Laravel Homestead, which Joe maintains. Uses and tradeoffs versus Docker. Docker Performance on Mac Local Development Environments Goals for his Workshop, eventually looking at Docker Swarm and […]

Interview with Mark Kelnar

by · May 3, 2021


This month, we chat with Mark Kelnar about his article in the April 2021 issue, Busy Worker Bees Topics Covered What he learned from beekeeping and using Agile techniques. Working at WPEngine with the LAMP stack. Working on headless/decoupled WordPress. Applying agile outside of software development projects. If/how agile has changed since its introduction. Getting […]

Project Management, Tech Literacy, Password Hashing, Containers, and APIs.

by · April 28, 2021


Eric, John, and Oscar go through the articles in the April 2021 issue, Busy Worker Bees. Topics Discussed The rogue Git Commit in PHP’s repo. Following PHP internals. Working with clients. Bref and serverless computing. Refactoring applications to use cloud services like S3 Object Stores. Yoda Conditionals and writing readable code. Preparing for when disaster […]

Editor Bytes, April 2021

by · April 26, 2021


Serverless LAMP, Refactoring Legacy Code, and Functional Programming

by · April 8, 2021


Eric, John, and Oscar talk about the features and columns from the March 2021 issue, Lambda PHP Topics Covered Working the Serverless computing and PHP, and the costs potentially involved. Practical applications of functional programming and misconceptions around it versus object-oriented programming (OOP). John and Eric’s attempts at the puzzle for the month about generating hashtags. […]

About PHP’s Compromised Git Commit

by · April 1, 2021


PHP internals contributor Sara Golemon answers questions from a panel of php[architect] and PHP Ugly contributors about the recent git compromise that affected the PHP project and what they’re doing about it. You can also watch a video of the roundtable with Sara. More on This From Rasmus Lerdorf: It wasn't, but we caught it […]

Interview with Juciellen Cabrera

by · March 29, 2021


Eric and John get a chance to sit down and interview Juciellen Cabrera, on her article Refactoring—Does This Code Spark Joy? in the March 2021 issue. Topics Covered The joy of revisiting legacy code. How she started as a programmer via an internship. Moving from Brazil to Ireland via a local conference opportunity. Her involvement […]

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