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The Zen of Mindful Programming

December 2021

2021 has been a turbulent year for the world and the PHP Community. We have seen change in many PHP related circles, from podcasts and this magazine to the very core of PHP itself. This issue tries to bring some of this into view while trying to help us focus.

Mindful Programming

By Doug Dobrzynski

Using the skills of mindfulness and dialectical behavior therapy provides many benefits for programmers. This article explains the skills and how they can be used to become a mindful programmer.

Lessons learned from building a WebSocket server

By Torsten Dittmann

Appwrite is an open-source, self-hosted Backend-as-a-Service written in PHP that aims to make app development easier with SDKs available in various programming languages. Prior to version 0.10.0 of the Appwrite API, applications could only communicate with our REST API. We decided we wanted to offer a real-time API to improve how we communicate. We decided to use a WebSocket server that would allow developers to stay connected to our servers and get real-time information as it was available. by Torsten Dittmann

Designing for MySQL Transaction Failures

By Edward Barnard

Planning for failure is difficult because it’s usually not practical to predict every possible thing that could go wrong. This month we’ll see a mechanism for capturing those “rare and random” failures. by Edward Barnard

Education Station: Why We Argue About PHP Upgrades and Changes

By Chris Tankersley

It is that time of year when the next version of PHP releases. To help date this article, PHP 8.1 was just released on November 25, 2021. Each release brings out complaints about the speed at which PHP releases new versions, and as a consequence, deprecates and removes or changes functionality. Two camps are established—those that want and enjoy the frequency of releases and those that lament the frequency of releases. by Chris Tankersley

The Workshop: Octane & Roadrunner

By Joe Ferguson

Laravel Octane is a package that leverages another application server that loads the entire application once and keeps the application in memory throughout multiple requests, which can dramatically increase response times in applications by removing the load time for bootstrapping Laravel and all of the dependencies. by Joe Ferguson

Here Be Dragons: Solution Space

By Edward Barnard

We explored the problems of burnout and gatekeeping. We hinted at solutions. Now we can have fun. We’ll begin with a trip to the National Security Agency, discuss Imposter Syndrome, and find ways to “pay it forward” as a career choice. Finally, I’ll share my own goals in paying it forward as I prepare to pivot. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Vulnerable and Outdated Components

By Eric Mann

One of the updated risks enumerated by the OWASP Top Ten is using an older component with a known vulnerability. Engineers need to remember that this extends to ancillary systems, not just PHP. by Eric Mann

PHP Puzzles: Breakeven Point

By Oscar Merida

This month we are moving on from shifting money around time to focusing on costs at a specific moment in time. Join me as we tackle the break-even problem from last month. But first, we’ll step through it, analyzing it algorithmically to design our solution. by Oscar Merida

Community Corner: The PHP Foundation

By Eric Van Johnson

When I was young, I remember hearing the saying, “A house is only as good as its foundation.” That same philosophy can be applied to many other things. A good foundation with your code, company, family, and communities makes success easier to achieve. I’ve always felt the PHP internal community had a pretty solid foundation. It has seen many vital people come and go, and it continues to evolve and innovate. by Eric Van Johnson

finally{}: Still Rolling

By Beth Tucker Long

Just when we think things are finally going to calm down—here we go again. It seems the changes never stop coming, but this is no ordinary change. It is a turning point, and times like this are when we all need to choose if we will stand up or give up. by Beth Tucker Long

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